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In a country that is plagued by diseases which are more than eighty percent have been stated as being preventable, our mission is to give people  the ability to get fit by providing the necessary resources to prevent disease and effectively improve their own health.

We live in an era where scientists and teachers are able to give us a better understanding of the human body, its structure and function. We have the scientific evidence that indicates that preventive practices are the most effective form of eliminating disease and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We now have the ability to promote a healthy and better future for ourselves and our children . Also, we have the information technology to publicize this knowledge across the globe.So then why are so many of us dying from preventable conditions, (for example cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes) instead of getting fit?

It is because in general society doesn't support healthy lifestyle choices .  It is crucial that we make thoughtful, enlightened choices for a) a balanced nutritional diet (especially when you consider the inadequate offerings from regular grocery stores and superstores,  to the fast food restaurants (McDonald's, Burger King, etc.),  and even 'health foods' stores, b) a healthy balance of work to down time and family time (no one on their deathbed ever says "I wish I'd spent more time at the office") and for appropriate exercise goals and training schedules (are you choosing exercising and training at the expense of health?) so that we can get fit .

Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle Start Here!

First you will need knowledge. There is a lot of that around.  We live in a  information saturated age, but knowing which snippet of information is true and which is garbage is often hard to discern without proper training. This is where HealthSmart Nutrition's Healthy Lifestyle Mentor/coaches and Metabolic Bio Typing Evaluation comes in.  Members receive information that has been well researched and is applicable to them. This helps them make the wise decisions regarding their health that they need to make.

Second,  you will need resources. HealthSmart Nutrition was never intended to be a supplement supermarket type health store. Our Get-Fit program only recommends products that we have researched and feel are healthy, and safe and which actually have been shown to be beneficial to a persons specific metabolic bio type. Your biochemical individuality is taken into consideration before any recommendations are made. HealthSmart Nutrition will not give you advise about products with controversial ingredients like aspartame or hyped ingredients like caffeine or anabolic agents. Our get fit program will always strive to inform you about the benefits, possible drug interactions and the proper dosage of the products. Every product offered and every manufacturer used in our get fit program has been researched by our nutritional therapist and recommendation is made with attention and care for your metabolic bio type and health problems - or we won't sell or recommend it!

Our aim is to empower you so that you will be able to take our recommendations and use them - whether you are shopping on-line or in our stores or are going to other reputable health stores. If you feel comfortable making the right choices it will be because we've done our research, disregarded the hype and the markets fast talk and given you confidence in HealthSmart Nutrition's choice of only proven healthy products that have passed strict quality control standards.

As an example we recommend only specific brands of diet, meal replacement or energy bars because almost all the products that are on the market contain ingredients that are artificial, overly processed and filled with unhealthy ingredients like processed oils(hydrogenated, trans fats), high fructose corn syrup or other simple or artificial sugars. They often contain synthetic vitamins, have low fibber and ineffective enzymes (not made from food sources or have been heated), or have synthetic ingredients that are not crucial to good nutrition and health.

Third , you will need to establish obtainable and realistic healthy living goals. You need to take the knowledge gained and apply it to everyday living.     Get Fit

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